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2019-01-15 07:07:23 | Author: Editor

The EXAR company also runs stationary and mobile services. Services provided include:

  • tests, inspections and repairs of rope, chain, belt and round slings,
  • testing of chain slings microcracks,
  • strength tests of slings and their test loads,
  • sling repairs,
  • inspections, tests and repairs of hoists (inspections of the mechanism and body
  • of dynamic loads, maintenance and repairs of hoists),
  • crimping steel ropes with diameters from 1 – 64 mm (with organic, steel, black,
  • galvanized, stainless steel terminals with aluminum, copper, stainless steel, crimping
  • loops, rubbers, stoppers),
  • braiding of various types of wire ropes,
  • pouring the ends of steel ropes with resin,
  • crimping the ends of wire ropes,
  • cutting the ropes.